Premium CBD Isolate

Our CBD Isolate is produced by only two steps of purification. Starting with high quality CBD hemp grown in Switzerland and avant garde technique, we are able to produce a very pure quality CBD Crystals at 99.9% CBD.


Scale Prices (per gram)
From 5g: € 10.00
From 100g: € 7.00
From 500g: € 4.50
From 1’000g: € 1.50
From 10’000g: € 1.20
From 20’000g: € 1.00
From 50’000g: € 0.90

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  1. Olegas Romaskevicius

    What is the dimension of parts in the powder (mesh)?

    • admin

      Hello Olegas
      For which quantity you need dimension/size?

  2. Craig William Mckay

    Hello team, quick question. How many milligrams of CBD are in a gram of this CBD powder? thanks

    • admin

      Hello Craig thank you for your message. Its >9980mg CBD in a gram CBD Isolate.

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