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Interview in Dutch Flowers Magazine Summer Edition

We had the pleasure in the summer edition of Dutch Flowers magazine to get an interview about us. Here is the whole report:

Bonnie & Clyde Cannabis
CBD in Swiss

Some of the prettiest and strongest CBD flowers we could find came from Bonnie & Clyde Cannabis. Their genetics are selected with love and attention, and have been treated with care. Their end product results in a clean and floral bouquet.

CBD flowers below 1% THC have been legal in Switzerland since 1951. The first strong phenotypes were selected and grown in 2016. Before 2016, no one came up with the idea of breeding genetics below 1% THC. CBD has not been a topic for a long time.

What was your thought when you first saw CBD?

When we saw the first CBD flowers, we immediately realized what potential there was behind it. The look, the terpenes and trichomes are fantastic.

For a long time, we were focused only on THC flowers. We ran two cannabis social clubs in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. When we showed CBD flowers to our members, everyone was thrilled.

How did all start?

In 2016 we founded the company CBD KURIER GmbH.

We focused on indoor flower production and delivery service. The demand since then is incredible. Since 2018 we produce every kind of CBD extract in our laboratory. Isolate, distillates, wax, and oils in different strengths.

What’s next?

The CBD market will continue to grow in the coming years. CBD shops are springing up everywhere like mushrooms. We expect that here in Switzerland they will soon be able to legally produce THC flowers. That gives the whole thing again a huge boost.

Enjoy the flowers from Swiss.